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Moldavite under the microscope

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Here we take a look at some amazing faceted / polished Moldavite gemstones to see within the stones. This is where you will see bubbles & lechatelierite (molten silica glass) from the formation and cooling of the stones. As a note for clarification, you do not see bubbles or inclusions by looking at a raw Moldavite stone.

Here are a few pictures we took using our friends @infinite.scope_


Now , what you see on the Surface is pitting and texture from years of erosion in the soil & the formation of the stones. These vary slightly field to field, Besednice being the Spiky and most sought after to Zatacka & Chlum which can present spiky texture but are known more for smoother , rounded texture

One of the really cool things about looking at the texture aspect with the scope is you can also use a polarizing light filter that then shows the internal tension points of the natural glass tektites, this happened as it cooled and became solid.

We have a few more shots below of the external texture of these amazing Moldavite stones.

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about this amazing stone. You can read more and learn how to spot the fakes seen on ebay and other places here.

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