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New Crystals / Restocks coming this Fall! Updated Oct 27

Hi Everyone!

For those of you paying attention... We are about to restock some collections for the fall and yes they will all be highly discounted for the massive sale. As always sign up for our newsletter to find out as soon as they become available.

Links are live for all restocks!

1. Herkimer Diamonds - Round 1 & 2 is complete

2. Sugilite, Charoite, Pietersite & SacRed 5 Amethyst Cabs are completed

3. Citrine & Smoky Crystals from Diamantina Brazil. We purchased 24 kilos, 35 crystals total. These rare beauties are going to sell out fast

4. Moldavite Stones - Adding new pieces soon. We have already restocked chips / small pieces & regular quality for Wholesale.

5. Phenakite Crystals - Did someone say Nigerian etched crystals?

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