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Crystals, Meditation & Consciousness

It is ALWAYS different for every person. From nothing. To very subtle, to overwhelming. All depends on where the individual is at with their personal consciousness. Books and videos only write the best stuff and everyone expects or gets these preconceived ideas that it will be that way for them. 

I recommend this technique for sensing energy & stones. 

1. Ground by breathing intentionally & deeply for a couple of minutes to clear the mind. (Deep full breaths. Through Nose, IN.... HOLD.... Release through mouth, Hold, repeat same approx count of 4, also known as "Box Breathing")

2. Clear your mind. Do not think about what you think or expect to happen. 

3. Hold the stone in your receiving hand. this is your non dominant hand. 

4. Focus on the breath. Feel the stone in your hand. Direct all your attention to that. Do not anticipate. Do not think as much as possible. You have to sense beyond the 5 physical senses. After a couple mins you should noticed some tingling at the very least. you're not gripping it hard so your hand isn't simply falling asleep or anything. Heat happens for many,. but again if this is your first time, you may have to work at things for a bit. Bigger pieces and a table full at a show have a more profound effect , but none the less, it all carries the same properties, frequency. Work at it, and over time your experience will shift.

There is no guarantee whatsoever you will experience anything. The books and videos all talk about the best stuff. But most people are picking up a crystal or stone for the first time and have no foundation or understanding of consciousness, energy, or their own thoughts and senses. If you're new to it, then you might not feel anything at all. It might take awhile. The mind is a funny thing. The illusions we cling to in this reality have a direct effect on how we perceive or experience every event. If you've been meditating, prying open your mind for years and are already sensitive to such things then this technique can be used for more than just crystals. Play around with it. Hope this helps. 
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